Sewa Sankalp is a registered, non- profit organization, working on its objective of providing assistance to children and families struggling in terrible poverty to enable them to lead a life of dignity.

The organization was founded in October, 1992 by a group of young individuals of India who ‘Sworn to Serve’ the society with no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender, religion, native language, etc. They pledged to ‘bring smiles on the faces of those who are tyrannized by fate, by extending financial and non-financial support in the sectors of Education, Health and Community Development.

Today, through your generous support, we help not only children, youth and women, but also the elderly and the specially challenged ones.Most of the people we work with are deprived to an unimaginable degree, as there is no education, little food, endemic diseases, high levels of disability, social rejection and working from as early as five years of age; begging or scavenging for their survival.

For these people we run free Educational Centers, Health Camps, Awareness Programs,Book Banks, and Dispensaries. We organize Counseling Sessions for girls, give Vocational Training Programmes and provide Scholarships to the underprivileged but talented students.

We do not take any Government funds, in contrast to the popular misconception. We function only through voluntary donations by the schools as well as the members of the society.

Our mission is to ascertain the overall ontogenesis of the downtrodden people. Our projects spread smiles on the faces that need it the most.

We aim to make our society a better place to live in. We want to handover to the next generation a world better than what we inherited from our fathers and forefathers. Also, to cause substantive improvements in the state of literacy, health and economic sustenance. Finally, to harness not just natural resources but also human resources through leadership and motivation.

Sewa Sankalp registered on 13/10/92 as a secular social service organization under the Societies Registration Act (XXI) 1860 (Reg.No.1232).

Sewa Sankalp is registered u/s12A of IT Act on 13/10/2007.

Sewa Sankalp is registered u/s 80G (5)(VI) of IT Act on 13/10/2007.

Sewa Sankalp is registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 on 09/05/2013 Registration Number 136550478.

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